About This Blog

I’ve wanted to develop a blog website of mine & write articles on subject matters that interest & excite me for a couple of years (as of Feb, 2022) now. But I’ve been skipping working on it, excusing myself that I’m too busy to work on it, I don’t have good & interesting topics on which I can write my articles on etc, etc. So, after the second week of Jan, 2022 I finally forced myself to do away with all these excuses and started writing an article on situations surrounding Covid-19 in 2022 while at the same time developing this WordPress based website for it.

I’ve always been in awe of people who write beautifully and convey their message to the readers exactly the way they want their readers to understand it. It’s a beautiful skill in itself.  So, I thought developing this blog website would provide me the best platform to write on the topics that interest, excite & fascinate me. Starting writing blogs for this site would also help me hone my writing & story telling skills through the power of words.

So, I intend to publish here any articles on topics that interest me. So, what does that mean about what you’ll actually get to read here? Hmm…, a bit of everything, since I’m very interested in learning new things everyday about any topic that excites me. And there are quite a few fields that excite me as I’ve said previously. So, if I learn something new about a topic that grabs my attention and I think it demands further research from me to get to the depth to understand properly about it and I feel sharing it writing here would benefit you who want to learn something new then I’ll write an article on it and share with you here. The article can be a book review like my last one or an article discussing controversial topics going on around the world like on vaccine-mandates & covid-19 misinformation in my first article. So, I can’t tell you right now how the content of this blog site will pan out to be over time. I just hope I can force myself to allocate some time on daily or weekly basis to keep things updated here & keep improving my writing skill.