Mein Kampf : Vol II – Key Takeaways : Part 1

Adolf Hitler's Strategy to make Germany a European Superpower Once Again

Mein Kampf - Adofl Hitler - book cover

Reading this volume:

I finished reading this volume of the book more than 8 months ago. I then tried to write this article about the important contents of the book back then. To help me with it I had prepared notes about important topics in the book while I was reading it. So, I went back to those notes as a base to help me write this article. But as I was going through I began to understand that I’d left out many important topics from my notes and the article I was planning to write wouldn’t be possible with the notes I’d prepared. So, I began skimming through the first chapter of this volume once again. I quickly realized that I had left out many more important topics that I should have noted down. Subsequently I decided to read the whole volume once again so as not to miss out on any major topics & noting them down where I thought was important.

I took a more relaxed approach reading this volume the second time as previously I had slightly hurried through the book thinking that I would have the notes to come back to later. So, it took me additional 3 months to finish this volume once again, as I tried to keep in mind as much details about the contents on my mind and also noted down anything that I thought would be of importance to understand Hitler’s pathway to executing his political manifesto.

Politically, one can find this second volume of the book more interesting to read than the first to understand Hitler’s strategy to implement his worldview. Here, in this article I’ll try my best to highlight the major contents of the book, categorize them into relatable sections and publish them in parts.


By reading this book & writing these articles in no way I’m trying to promote Nazism or Hitler’s world view. I’m just trying to understand why Hitler became the man he became and what chain of events led to the rise of the Third Reich under his leadership. Nor am I trying to add to the vilification of Adolf Hitler, Nazism & its world view. I read the book as objectively as possible & will do my best to maintain the same while writing these articles.

Part 1: Hitler’s party, it’s worldview and citizens & subjects of the state:

As mentioned on the sub-title of this article the second volume of Hitler’s book contains his plan on how he intends to grow his party, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and what approach the party should take to expand its reach and influence among the ordinary working class German people. In this second volume of the book, he again talks about his detest for the parliamentary system where leaders hide behind the majority vote and shirk from their responsibility. He mentions that the parliamentarian leaders always come to action once every few years when election comes around or when there is any danger of the parliament being dissolved. He also states that the media runs its own propagandized campaigns promoting the same deceiving politicians to the bourgeois & the proletariats who then end up re-electing the same leaders. Democracy, to him, was being exploited by the Marxist & Jews to take control of the German government, its economy & the press, preventing the state from having any aims to improve its economy & military to become a major power in Europe once again.

Regarding religion & religious beliefs Hitler states that without a clearly defined belief to hold people together any religion is worthless as it would not help the purpose of human existence and might only contribute to general disorganization of human society.

Hitler wanted his party to be a party of strong men with German blood so that when necessary & the time comes the political movement can be turned into a military movement.

Regarding the State, he classifies people’s perception of state into following 3 types:

  1. Those who hold State as a voluntary association of men who have agreed to set up & obey a ruling authority (he probably meant the government). He says the number of people who view the state as such is the largest.
  2. Those who view state as necessary on certain conditions. These people view state as a need & means to promote the good of its subjects. This group is smaller compared to the first.
  3. The third type is the smallest group & consists of people who view state as a means for the realization of the potential of power it holds. Hitler says, these people believe anyone can be a people of the state if they can speak a common German language. Hitler vehemently disagrees and says only persons belonging to the highest race with a pure blood can become people of a state.

Hitler says the excellence of a state is determined by the degree to which its institutions serve the racial stock which belongs to it. He further goes on to say that a state may become more powerful if it allows different races to mix and form a homogeneous national organism but that would never serve the primary purpose of humanity, which he says is the preservation of its highest race with pure blood. He also suggests Christians to stop preaching to the Africans as the Africans do not want it or understand it and it will not serve the highest purpose of human beings.

Adolf Hitler envisioned a German society where there would be stricter rules for men & women regarding how they behaved in public, from defining what each should wear to what sports all men should practice to maintain their fitness.

Regarding German citizens Hitler finds it astonishing that the state had provisions where it allowed anyone to become German citizen & acquire civic rights without facing any major hurdles and these new citizens could even get more protection than a native German citizen. He envisions a German state where any citizen will feel proud even to be a street sweeper rather than to become a King of a foreign state.

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What’s next from me?

Next, I’ll be writing my part 2 of the second volume of this book including important aspects from the next few of its remaining chapters.

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